Photonics End User Workshops

The end user workshops are part of an initiative started by the Photonics PPP to bring photonics technologies closer to end user industry and will be conducted in cooperation with National Technology Platforms for Photonics from different member states. The workshops will focus on regions with a particular strong end user industry.

Upcoming End User Workshops: 


Photonics 4 Aeronautics, 24 November, Madrid, Spain

In Madrid, the Spanish Photonics Platform, together with the PAE (Spanish Aerospace Platform) and SECPhO (Souther European Photonics Cluster) organize a workshop for information and discussion on the photonics and laser technologies and their use in the aeronautics sector.

The event is devoted to the use of photonic technologies in a range of applications in the aeronautic industry, from laser based manufacturing to inspection, maintenance, operations, navigation or avionics.

Find more information on the event website and register here.


Photonics 4 Additive Manufactured Products, 6 December 2017, Graz, Austria

Photonic technologies such as lasers and optical sensing enable the additive manufacturing of innovative products. In several applications (e.g. aerospace and medical) such additively manufactured products are
already applied. The scope of the workshop is to inform end users of additively manufactured products about the capabilities and opportunities of new technologies enabled by photonics. Experts in the field of laserenabled additive manufacturing provide an overview about products being made already for different applications. The aim of the workshop is the creation of new co-operations and product ideas by exchanging ideas between different industries and levels of the value chain. Moreover the workshop has a transnational focus and a strengthening of
regional co-operation between Austria and Northern-Italy is targeted.

More information can be found on the Workshop Flyer


Past End User Workshops & Presentations for Download:

Photonics 4 Microprocessing, June 2015

Light-based Solutions for Agriculture, Veterinary and Ecology, May 2016

Photonics 4 Medicine, May 2016

Photonics 4 Food, June 2016

Photonics 4 Precision Manufacturing, June 2016

Photonics 4 Aeronautics and Space, October 2016

Photonics 4 Forestry, October 2016

Photonics 4 AgriFoodTech, December 2016

Photonics 4 Healthcare, February 2017

Photonics 4 Smart Road Transportation, March 2017

Photonics 4 Smart Farming and Foresting, March 2017

Photonics 4 Automotive, May 2017

Photonics 4 Industria 4.0, May 2017

Photonics 4 Sorting, June 2017

Photonics 4 Luxury Coatings, June 2017


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